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Emerald Coast Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorneys

Fountain & Bridgford, PLLC is a small firm committed to achieving big results.

We represent clients in a range of issues with a focus on transactional matters, from health care and business and corporate law, to estate planning, real estate closing and title services. It’s our sincere belief that by keeping our firm lightweight and nimble, we are able to serve our clients dynamically and efficiently.

What Sets Us Apart?

Boutique Firm Mentality

Here at Fountain & Bridgford, PLLC, we are committed to maintaining a boutique firm mentality.

As a small firm, we have a flatter organizational hierarchy and lower overhead costs, and we are able to invest more time into developing successful and personal attorney-client relationships.

We engage in a close, collaborative relationship with our clients that is based on open and easy communication. This gives rise to an enormous informational advantage. We get to know the client at a deeper level, which empowers us to act decisively when representing their interests in a challenging legal matter. We can execute creative strategies and implement winning solutions in a quick, efficient manner.

Simply put: we are able to offer high-quality, client-focused representation at competitive rates.

End-to-End Legal Representation

Here at Fountain & Bridgford, our attorneys are deeply committed to serving as an effective advocate for a range of legal matters, and as an effective liaison when we encounter something that we are not fully-equipped to handle. We see ourselves as a “one stop shop” for a client’s legal needs.

People feel comfortable working with our team of dedicated attorneys. Unlike many other firms, we are responsive and hands-on, willing to meet with clients on the weekends, or even in the evening time because it is often critically important to what we do. Too often, we find that individuals and businesses with serious legal issues refrain from seeking counsel because effective representation is made inaccessible to them. Our rapid response times and willingness to meet with clients even after-hours ensures that they can get answers to whatever legal matter is concerning them.

Over the years, we have established deep roots in the West Florida legal and business community. We have developed winning relationships with many other attorneys and experts in the region, and this helps us further our clients’ interests. For example, if you are dealing with a personal injury or taxation issue, we can connect you with an attorney who has specialized experience in such matters.

Breadth and Depth of Experience

Our team has both significant breadth and depth of experience. We have handled legal matters for a wide range of clients, from professionals (realtors, lenders, developers, engineers, doctors and healthcare providers) to small businesses, corporations, and various other entities.

These experiences make us stronger and more innovative advocates. Over the years, we have encountered complex and diverse legal issues that require us to come up with reasonable solutions, sometimes in financially difficult situations. Such circumstances have forged our attorneys into creative problem-solvers who can diagnose an issue quickly and develop a strategy that is uniquely tailored to the client.

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