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Real Estate Closings and Law

At Fountain & Bridgford, PLLC, we have extensive experience working with buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate in the Northwest Florida area. We routinely counsel clients on all matters involved in a real estate transaction, from the decision to buy or sell, to the negotiation of contract terms, to the resolution of unexpected issues to the actual closing. Further, we remain available to our clients for any issues that may arise after a closing has been finalized.

Comprehensive Contract-to-Closing Assistance

We provide comprehensive representation to those who are buying, selling, or refinancing. We handle all matters from contract-to-closing, which includes: negotiating the terms of a real estate contract, drafting the agreement, handling incidental matters such as loan documentation, and guiding our clients through the necessary procedures to formally close on a deal.

Simply put, we are a one stop shop for real estate closing.

If there is anything for which we do not have expertise, we have a trusted network of professionals on whom we can rely, which includes real estate brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, insurance agents, surveyors, title insurers, surveyors, and engineers. Thanks to our decades-long presence in the Northwest Florida legal community, and our commitment to providing high-quality, client-oriented representation, we have had the good fortune of developing close relationships with other professionals who share our values. By coordinating client engagement with relevant specialists, we can ensure that our representation is smooth and uninterrupted.

Why Choose Us?

In most states, you have to hire an attorney to perform a real estate closing. In the state of Florida, however, there is no such requirement. We understand that this can put many prospective clients in a difficult position. Most clients want to close with the advantage of having an actual attorney assist with the proceedings, rather than a title company or real estate agent, but they may not be capable of paying legal fees in addition to title fees.

At Fountain & Bridgford, PLLC, we don’t charge attorney’s fees, so there’s no additional cost associated with representation in a real estate closing scenario. Since our attorneys handle everything about a closing, we charge a consolidated fee, leading to significant savings.

Our firm can also access the talents, expertise, and resources of our relationships with other professionals, including real estate brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, insurance agents, surveyors, title insurers, surveyors, and engineers to coordinate the various aspects of a real estate transaction and real property issues. In particular, we can assist clients with title insurance matters, including review of and advice regarding a client’s Owner’s Policy or Lender’s Policy.

As a smaller, local firm, we can be more flexible and give more special attention. We can meet whenever and wherever is convenient for a client. It’s not uncommon for us to handle closings off-site when circumstances call for it. This client-focused mentality makes us who we are. We take the time necessary to effectively represent a client throughout the closing process. Our attorneys review each other’s work to ensure that documentation and strategy are “right” before moving forward. We err on the side of litigation avoidance, so our team understands how important it is to be careful when negotiating terms, drafting documents, and guiding a client all the way through a closing.

When it comes to the vesting of title, we know how the dynamic works inside-and-out. This familiarity empowers us to come up with creative solutions for clients that can help them avoid additional costs in the future.  We get deeply involved in a transaction to help clients understand the nitty-gritty details of their closing and how they can save money. For example, we frequently assist clients in structuring a 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains taxes and allow them to reinvest proceeds into new investment property.

If you’re looking to close on a real estate deal, our attorneys can provide comprehensive assistance from contract-to-closing. Fountain & Bridgford, PLLC is a one stop shop for real estate closings, and the incidental contract and loan document issues related to closing.

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that compassionate and client-focused service is critical to effective representation. By investing the time necessary to fully understand your real estate situation, we can develop a customized solution that will minimize the risk of conflict later on.

Ready to speak to an attorney about your real estate closing? Call 850-939-3535 or send us a message online to request an appointment today. We look forward to assisting you.


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